1 StubHub is an interesting architecture to take a look at because, as market makers for tickets, they are in a different business than we normally ge..
2 Cash flow is important to vendors so they work on getting payments out quicker.
3 Saves so much time debugging problems.

Business Model

StubHub is an eBay for tickets. Providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers of tickets. They are not like Ticketmaster.
An escrow model is used to provide trust and safety for buyers a sellers. A credit card is on file at StubHub, when the order is confirmed as received only then is the money transferred.
Tickets are not commodities. Buyers want specific tickets, not a bleacher seat, for example. There are limited quantities, there is no backorder for a ticket. Sellers are constantly updating prices and quantity in reaction to market forces. It’s a very active market.

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