1 Editor’s Note: Nir Eyal is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and blogs about the intersection of psychology, techn..
2 They both grew to stratospheric valuations because they came to dominate their respective markets through a network effect. Defined as a system wher..
3 Along with capitalizing on behavioral insights discovered from a change in interface, Instagram and Pinterest also shared another key attribute.
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@JoSanKu: 전형적 모델인데! 새로운 인터페이스로 행동방식을 바꿔 새로운 기회를 만든다. 그리고 네트웍효과로 시장을 선도한다. “@TechCrunch: The Next Secrets Of The Web http://t.co/OoDzuQVj by @nireyal”