1 Zynga shares fell today as fears about the company’s user base prompted another sell-off.
2 Zynga’s shares dropped as much as 13 percent.
3 That triggered a short-sale circuit breaker, which halts trading in the stock until cooler heads prevail, for the first time.
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@minist: 엄청난 기대속에 상장한 Zynga가 오늘 장중 -13%까지 떨어지면서 서킷브레이크까지 발동. 10불에 상장해서 3월 15.91불까지 올랐지만,오늘 주가는 10.2% 하락한 $4.98불로 마감. 3달만에 1/3 토막 http://t.co/e2J546m0