1 About nine years ago, I had a question for Min Kao, the CEO of the GPS concern Garmin.
2 I was sincerely surprised at how readily an engineer as smart and visionary as Kao could dismiss the apparent trajectory that mobile phones were so ..
3 Phones were a low-margin commodity market, and phone manufacturers could never obtain the expertise in mapping and navigation that Garmin had worked..
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@minist: 애플의 iOS 6에 내장된 네비게이션으로 인해 주가가 추락한 1위 네비업체 Garmin이 어떻게 아이폰(스마트폰)의 위협을 미리 보지 못했는가. 결과를 보면 쉽게 말하겠지만,대부분의 경우 참 어려운 이야기. http://t.co/ZHJJlFUL