1 I haven’t seen too many good blog posts on how to build architecture for a modern, frontend-heavy HTML5 app, so I thought I’d try to explain our sta..
2 Most of our code is on the frontend, so it was very important to pick tools that allow us to scale and maintain quite large and complex JavaScript a..
3 We are just getting started (just started private alpha) so things will still change and evolve.

요즘 스타트업하는 테크 기업들 보면 파이썬을 많이 사용하네요.
근데 flask 를 사용하는 스타트업은 처음 보는듯?

트위터 반응

@startup_bot: http://t.co/bWD9nS16의 기술 스택: Amazon S3, MongoDB, Python Flask, Redis, Twitter Bootstrap http://t.co/bNv447hj 요즘 파이썬이 유행이네요